poetry is a required package to develop.

git clone

cd gp-libs

poetry install -E "docs test coverage lint"

Makefile commands prefixed with watch_ will watch files and rerun.


poetry run py.test

Helpers: make test

Automatically run tests on file save

  1. make start (via pytest-watcher)

  2. make watch_test (requires installing entr(1))


Default preview server: http://localhost:8034

sphinx-autobuild will automatically build the docs, watch for file changes and launch a server.

From home directory: make start_docs From inside docs/: make start

Manual documentation (the hard way)

cd docs/ and make html to build. make serve to start http server.

Helpers: make build_docs, make serve_docs

Rebuild docs on file change: make watch_docs (requires entr(1))

Rebuild docs and run server via one terminal: make dev_docs (requires above, and a make(1) with -J support, e.g. GNU Make)

Formatting / Linting


The project uses ruff to handles formatting, sorting imports and linting.


$ poetry run ruff

If you setup manually:

$ ruff .
$ make ruff
$ make watch_ruff

requires entr(1).


$ poetry run ruff . --fix

If you setup manually:

$ ruff . --fix

ruff format

ruff format is used for formatting.


$ poetry run ruff format .

If you setup manually:

$ ruff format .
$ make ruff_format


mypy is used for static type checking.


$ poetry run mypy .

If you setup manually:

$ mypy .
$ make mypy
$ make watch_mypy

requires entr(1).


poetry handles virtualenv creation, package requirements, versioning, building, and publishing. Therefore there is no or requirements files.

Update __version__ in src/ and pyproject.toml::

git commit -m 'build(gp_libs): Tag v0.1.1'
git tag v0.1.1
git push
git push --tags
poetry build
poetry publish